Environmental Policy

We are no different from any other business these days in that we need to be conscious of our impact on the environment.

Testing the emissions on your vehicle at the time of a service is one way we can help our environment. We have been emissions testing for over twenty years and advising you whenever your vehicle is not performing to its best ability.

However, in the past we had not really looked too hard at our business environmental impact.

We have always collected our waste oil and other fluids from your vehicle and had them disposed of correctly. However we hadn’t taken too much notice of other areas of waste – just throwing them away in the rubbish as everybody else did was the norm.

Being socially responsible is a must in the ever-changing world in which we live in so we analysed our waste and in a short amount of time, we have considerably reduced the amount of waste going to landfills.

All our packaging paper and plastic is now recycled – these are separated and put in individual bins which are collected by J.J. Richards and Sons.

We have separate bins for cast iron, steel and alloys. We drain all our oil filters and then crush them. These are then collected by Metalman. Our old batteries are also collected by Metalman.

Using a registered business assures us that these products are recycled and not dumped into landfills.

By doing all this we have managed to reduce our landfill waste by 70%. We will continue to monitor our industry’s waste and endeavour to keep pace with new ideas to help keep New Zealand green as much as possible.

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