Pricing Policy

Apart from our Warrant of Fitness fee, we do not menu prices for our services and repairs. For service work and small basic repairs, we are happy to supply a verbal estimate over the phone.

For larger repairs, we would price more accurately. As you can probably imagine, a clutch replacement on a small-engined, high-volume vehicle would be considerably less expensive than a high-powered performance vehicle. Pricing per job instead of using menu prices is more time consuming for us but because there are so many variations involved in the many different makes and models in our market place, we feel this is the fairest way of supplying you with an accurate account of the costs you will incur.

This also gives us an opportunity to explain what is involved or how we will carry out the repair on your vehicle. We can also advise you of any other work that may be required when undertaking a repair.

We have all heard the advertising phrases – “Priced from x amount of dollars” or “some/special conditions apply”. These conditions usually mean you pay more when the vehicle is being repaired.

At Petermark Automotive, we try to give you the worst case scenario so that there are no ugly surprises for you once we have commenced a repair.

We know that on some occasions we lose out on repairs but we believe in giving you all the information before commencing repairs enabling you to make an informed decision as to what you will spend on your vehicle.

In certain instances, some dismantling of your vehicle may be required to give you a more accurate price. Once again, we would advise you of this before we commence work.
If the problem with your vehicle is an intermittent failure, we may not be able to price this. Please refer to our FAQs on this.

We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our customers and on supplying a "value for money” service. We guarantee all our work. We welcome all enquiries.